Why I'm neglecting this blog ? I drew a lot last week ! ( ´∀`)

I found a name for this girl who is sad...


Her name is Selivany. And for this drawing, I used many patterns on Photoshop ! It was very amusing !! O(≧∇≦)O

In colour, she has brown hair and blue eyes... Natural colours.

And this vampire is Vladislass, painted with gouache :

Vlady !

His nickname is Vlady ! So I often call him Vlady ! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

Vlady's noble and is living in a giant castle ! He's the vampire archetype but he rarely drink blood...

Gouache is hard for me... I prefer watercolour ! But with the gouache, I think the colours are more "straightforward" than watercolour.


A miracle : I have babies sunflower in my canned foods, I'm very happy !! (^▽^)

But I'll must to put it in the garden because 4 sunflowers in my little bed-room...

The sunflower that is outside will make a flower ! I'll take a photo !

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