I spent a groovy day ! \(--)/ <--- but I'm very tired.
I slept, before...

We really made the madmen in Colmar ! As expected, we went to bookstores and we ate in the Flunch. In the afternoon, I had cramps. (*´ο`*)

But I'm happy ! I found a lot of BL !! O(≧∇≦)O

BL !!

I prefer hard yaoi, lemon. It had been one moment since I looked the volume 4 of Love Mode (I had a hole in this collection). Reiji on the cover... ♥

I had already read Love Mode on my computer, when the manga wasn't dismissed in France. It's the second BL manga which I read, after Haru Wo Daiteita. Aaah... My discovery of yaoi mangas (Thank you Mimi Muffin) !

Nostalgia... (^∀^)

Well, tomorrow In brief, I'm going be extracted two wisdom teeth in Mulhouse...


Mizar loves my laptop...

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