I'll be in practice over 4 weeks... My last practice to this year, in the daily Newspaper "L'ALSACE", at the reception.

( ^□^)・・・

But I'll don't have Internet in the week... (ToT)


Yesterday, I drew the god of war, Ares ! It's rare that I'm painting with gouache.

See you next week-end !

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It's Chatran (Koneko Monagatari) ! I love this film since I'm a child... (=・ω・=)

I painted it with watercolor. It's the first time that I draw nicely an animal. For realize it, I saw this photo :


Chatran is so cute !! O(≧∇≦)O

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The first pokemon in the national pokedex... Bulbizarre/Fushigidane ! At March, the Black and White versions will erupt in France. At least 649 pokemons...
In my opinion, the first ones will remain the best ! ( ^_^ )


I have a contagion in my mouth owing to my last wisdom tooth.

I'm damned... 〜(m~-~)ノ

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Thursday, I saw the film "Total Eclipse". This movie tells the life of the French poets Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine who were lovers. ( ・∀・)

I adored this film ! <--- There were many erotic scenes !! ♥
Then I drew with sepia pencil the moment when Rimbaud and Verlaine have their first kiss (I think, it's a French kiss...).


Paul Verlaine (David Thewlis) & Arthur Rimbaud (Leonardo Dicaprio)

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This morning, it's raining a lot... I love the rain ! ( ^__^ )

Wenesday I drew my little vampire Yohann on a tree ; Yohann likes trees.
I colored him with Photoshop, but Windows had a problem... (*。_。)
Luckily, everything was saved. *phew*


Monday, it was the resumption of school, but I'm motivated ! Indeed, I had a 18/20 in the fake mock exam of English : the best mark ! I had a 18/20 in maths and a 13/20 in accounting (good mark in comparison to others)... I'm very happy !!


In the afternoon, I'm invited in a friend's birthday with my boyfriend.

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I created a new blog for my photos and to put Japanese Musics with clips... That's for sure, I'm proceeding Sweet Wind ~ Stormy Wind for my drawings/creations. ( ^__^ )

But you can see the new blog...

Click on my photo of owl ---> hebergeur d'image

I'll pollute FC2 with my blogs ! Wahahaha !! XD

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I drew this small Minos at the beginning of the week... Black, purple, these colors are well to him !


Cosmic Marionettion !!

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Sorry, I'm last but I wish you an... Happy new year 2011 !!



My resolutions for 2011... To pass exams and more draw. ( ̄∇ ̄)
I hope that 2011 will be better than 2010...

I began to draw Yuyuko and Youmu yesterday evening, but I didn't finish it before midnight. Result : it's my first drawing of this year... What a pleasure to write 01/01/2011 next to my signature ! ( ´ ▽ ` )


Otherwise, lately, I played a lot to the Wii (Wii Sport / Resort and I bought Silent Hill shattered memories), I too much eaten a lot and I contracted a very big cold.

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