Yesterday, evening I would die for envy to draw a lad with his dragon... I had watched " Eragon " at the TV and I thought that there was no guy has my taste ! Then I decided to draw a "beautiful" guy with a "beautiful" dragon. ( ^ 3^)


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I don't know if it interest people, but I had creating a pattern for Photoshop with one of my photos of moth... Beautiful insect ! ♥

Papillon-de-nuit.gif moth.jpg

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I think that I watched too of "ecchi" animes as recently... ( ´ ▽ ` )

I named the girl with blue hair "Alaïse". The devil girl with green hair hasn't name yet. I like mixing watercolor and computer, it gives a more joyful effect, no ?

Alaïse huuum panties :p

I want a Wii for Christmas... I'll have a Wii !! o(^^o)(o^^)o

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That makes for a long time ; 2 weeks ; that I didn't publish... Test, test and test (in school) again ! Tomorrow, taken out to Freiburg (Germany), by hoping that I'm going to get edgy for nothing (as of accustom at the moment, I'm impulsive).

o(>< )=( ><)o

Here is Lucifer, the prince of the darkness. I begin drawing devils...


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