Just Marius as the Little Red Riding Hood because he's always in red. ( ゚▽゚ )

Petit chaperon Marius

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I had my exams !! And I love summer !! (^∀^)

I can drawing all the time !! O(≧∇≦)O

I drew for the first contest of the group "Marius Fans" on Deviantart. Marius from the books "The Vampire Chronicles" ©Anne Rice. So, I drew Bianca and Marius (Armand is forbidden in the contest ( 。_。)...).


Marius is sleeping on Bianca's shoulder and he's slavering... XD

Bianca et Marius

Brief, I want put here old drawings of vampires that I made :

Petit chaperon rouge Boucles d'or

Marius loves red !! ♥

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