Last Saturday, I invented and drew this place.


I loved to use many patterns with Photoshop, but it was long... very long...

The hardest it was the perspective. Particularly for the windows... My brain suffered !

Brief, I'm satisfied for the result ! It's an original place, no photo as model. It's only my vision.

...( ´ ▽ ` )...

An house in the nature... A bed-room with a large bed... Absolute relaxation !

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I'm stressed today. Not for the exams, but for my cousin Audrey... She's in the hospital because she made an "AVC".

(_ _)

I was very chocked, my heart accelerated in one second. She's 28 years old...

I hope she will survive... Sorry if I'm talking of it here, but I need to write...

Brief, drawing relax me ! I drew a... narcissus !! But completely with Photoshop cs5...


I'm bad when I'm drawing directly with my graphic palette... ( --)

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Aujourd'hui j'avais envie de peindre ! ( ^ o ^ )
Alors j'ai peint un pont d'après une photo que j'avais prise au Zoo de Mulhouse. C'est que de l'aquarelle.

J'aime tellement dessiner des décors ou il y a de la naturen je devrai en faire plus... La rentrée quand à elle, approche de plus en plus. Pour moi c'est lundi... ^^"


Today I wanted to paint ! ( ^ o ^)
Then I painted a bridge according to a photo which I had taken in the Zoo of Mulhouse. It is only painted with watercolors.
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