Here is a photo to compare the layer of snow compared with the beginning of the afternoon...

plum tree II

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I have just planted a plum tree which I gained in the Days of October. The first snows to Aspach arrived on Thursday morning !

I named this plum tree "Lucius" (I know, I am crazy to give names to trees), because on Wednesday, I saw Harry Potter 7 in the cinema ! (≧▽≦)

plum tree

I love snow ! ♥

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At the moment, I play Gaïa Online a lot. I try to represent at best characters of manga, novels... ( ^ ∀ ^)

Marius Gaia

Marius_de_Romanus68 (Marius from The Vampires Chronicle)

Saga Gaia

Saga_bleu (Saga from Saint Seiya)

Rika gaia

petite_Rika (Rika Furude from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)

Feilong gaia

Feilong_Liu (Feilong Liu from Viewfinder ♥)


Jordanounet (real somebody)

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At 1:00AM, I made my first animated gif ! Suika is running... XD

And Sakuya when she's fighting with Alice.

P.S. : You can take gifs. ^^

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Reimu Hakurei (me) vs Suika Ibuki, in Touhou 10.5 "Scarlet Weather Rhapsody". ( ^ 3^)

Contrary to the other touhou, this one is a game of fight (not shoot'em up). It doesn't prevent it from being awesome ! °( ^ o ^ )°

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Finalement, mon père a accepté de sortir se ballader avec moi ! XD

Du coup on est allés dans la forêt des bunkers. Pour cela, suffit juste de traverser les champs par des petits chemins de terre depuis Aspach. ^^

Biensûr, j'ai pris quelques photos plus ou moins intéressantes...


Comme son nom l'indique, dans la forêt des bunkers, il y a des bunkers datant de la 1ère Guerre mondiale... C'est la qu'on se rend compte comme la nature à repris ses droits sur l'homme. ( ^ ___ ^)
In the bunkers forest, there are bunkers since the First World War. Nature taken back its droits.



Et pour finir, un joli papillon qui était énorme !
Finally, a beautiful butterfly who was big !


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